All interns are considered contractors and are responsible for any and all taxes due on compensation earned through this internship. BluesU will issue all legally-required documentation and will direct interns to legal advice regarding working as a self-employed contractor.


Computer literate, interest in cyber lifestyle (working via email and/or from home) , World Wide Web and internet, background and some experience in events management, and press release style, concepts of positioning and story placement, as well as some familiarity with various Internet posting and search-tool resources, as well as intro-level list database management, both for email and snail mail Ability and/or interest in budgeting and cost accounting. Should be comfortable with email file attachments and filing media releases/postings under deadline pressure, have ability to work with a wide variety of personalities.


Coordinate and execute BluesU events and publicity campaigns in coordination with sponsors and BluesU staff, including administrative maintenance such as database management, press release development, and event development from concept through execution. Make designated phone calls and personal contact utilizing materials and programs as designated by BluesU (phone calls and transportation costs will be reimbursed by BluesU as per specified logging procedures). Aid in administrative maintenance of contacts network via email and phone. Maintain frequent contact with BluesU advertising/public relations staff and help to develop presence of BluesU and its sponsors on World Wide Web and in other media.


Press release generation fees of $25 per approved release, hourly wages of $8/hour for any projects approved by BluesU (e.g., list management or phone/email support of press releases), 60% of any advertising or other sponsorship generatedby intern as per editorial guidelines as directed. Additional hourly wages working on Blues U on-line projects or events projects as designated (voluntary participation). 60% of any event-budget savings as approved by BluesU.


BluesU email account for duration of internship, BluesU Alumni Club membership (term: one year), access to venues for assigned club events, laptop loaner usage for qualified assignments in the Chicagoland area.