All interns are considered contractors and are responsible for any and all taxes due on compensation earned through this internship. BluesU will issue all legally-required documentation and will direct interns to legal advice regarding working as a self-employed contractor.


Computer literate, interest in cyber lifestyle (working via email and/or from home) , World Wide Web and internet, background and some experience in pyramid style, experience with HTML formatting and digital cameras helpful. Familiarity and interest in wide variety of musical styles, some experience in basic interviewing techniques, and interest in finding the unique and universal qualities of any subject. You may want to consult our story masterpiece guidelines for reference. Should be comfortable with email file attachments and filing stories under deadline, have ability to write pieces according to editor specifications.


Composing record reviews, book reviews, club reviews (only in venues where intern is of legal age to enter), promotional copy for sponsors, all as directed by editor or advertising manager, some editing of letters to the editor responses, light text-to-HTML transfers and other layout duties.


Per-story fees at 50% of scale, 60% of any advertising or other sponsorship generated by intern as per editorial guidelines directed by editor. Additional hourly wages working on Blues U on-line projects as designated (voluntary participation).


BluesU email account for duration of internship, BluesU Alumni Club membership (term: one year), press access to venues for assigned club reviews, laptop loaner usage for qualified assignments in the Chicagoland area.