Blues U. Bandstand


We are currently interested in selling your self-produced blues and blues-related CDs, LPs, tapes, t-shirts, CD-ROMs, etc. It's a great way to promote yourself world-wide, and to gain notice of booking agents, scouts, and label execs. If you are interested, email us and we will reply with details as they become available. Please let us know the items you have available and the amount of your selling price to us, shipping costs excluded. Also be prepared to tell us a suggested retail price, as well as provide scans of the items and any biographical information (press kits, etc.) that you may have (we can scan the items and create bio kits at a fee if you wish). We can also set up a press center for you, which will save you a bundle if you're currently mailing out all that info to prospective gigs and to the blues press.