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Blues University Alumni Card:

A Truly Smart Card

The Blues University Alumni Card entitles you to a wide variety of member benefits directly from Blues U., as well as an always-expanding list of benefits from University Benefactors, including nightclubs, record stores, bookstores, and many others. Your annual membership fee more than pays for itself in the discounts you receive from participating businesses, both in the on-line world and the one you can see out your window. And you can use the card at the Blues U Campus Bookstore to purchase texts, get discounts on both on-line services and Blues U social events, including free tickets to all Blues U Club Tours, and a free digital subscription to the Blues U Guide to Chicago.

The Alumni Card program is beta-testing beginning in mid-January, 1997. Periodic updates of benefits will be posted here, and you can receive a temporary Blues U Alumni Card for free in return for providing some basic information to Blues U. Although this data will be compiled for demographic purposes, your name and contact information will be confidential and will not be given to anyone else without your permission.

Although we are developing an on-line entry system, currently you can apply for the Blues U Alumni Card by joining the discount card email list. This list will notify members of progress on developments in the card, and will entitle you to a temporary card which we can send to you digitally. This will also serve as a discussion group regarding questions about the card. If you like the features of the card, or if you have some suggestions to improve its usefulness or value, please email us and let us know.